Module 3

AVENSI Design Features: How to take your Coffee Experience to a Whole New Level

Module 3.0

Our recommended Flavor Pairings for Each Cup

Module 3.1

Use the Perfect Pour Line to Maximize Aroma

Module 3.2

Swirl to Aerate & Oxidize your Cofffee to Unlock New Aromas & Flavors

Module 3.3

Temperature Control: Unlock New Flavors at Different Temperatures

Module 3.4

Immerse Yourself in the AVENSI Ritual: Look, Touch, Smell & Taste

Module 3.5

Temperature Sensing: A New Way to Interact with your Coffee

Module 3.6

How to Care for your AVENSI Glasses

Upgrade your Coffee Ritual

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned coffee adventurer, you’ll unlock a new approach to experiment and experience your coffee in deliciously new ways.