Module 3.1 Use the Perfect pour line to Maximize Aroma

We all appreciate coffee in different shapes and sizes. AVENSI was designed to be 2 cups in 1. It holds enough coffee for those of us that prefer a generous serving, and it’s also optimized for the most common manual pour-over and espresso based drinks of 6oz (180ml). A 6oz volume of coffee aligns with the integrated Perfect Pour Line, where the single- and double-walls fuse together; this also acts as a visual indicator for where the largest surface area of coffee is exposed to air. When poured to this level, your coffee will have the maximum diffusion of aromas.

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  • Emmanuel Boston
    July 29, 2020 at 19:59

    Great explanation. Thanks. I’ve never come across such a small dosing for a standard pour over… I typically come across 350ml, but I’ve seen as low as 250ml. At home, I usually brew a full 415ml. Regardless, I appreciate the built in line, and alternate between a full cup and a the 6oz while keeping the rest of my brew in a carafe.


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